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Artists / Bands / Songwriters / Musicians  No matter how easy it appears on TV, being successful in the music industry takes hard work, time and dedication. But without clarity of purpose, the hardest working artist can be running in place and going nowhere fast. Identifying goals, strengths & weaknesses is the first step in crystallizing a plan to move forward, no matter what stage of your career or the recording process you are in. I'll work with you to create a plan for your specific needs & give you ideas & motivation to get back to your work with renewed passion and energy. 

Record Labels & Managers A&R consulting, artist development & project troubleshooting
Students Real world advice on getting your career started and aimed in the right direction to maximize your skills, talent & aspirations.
Song Critiques  I've listened to thousands of song and artist demos & worked with some of the world's greatest songwriters. I'll present honest feedback on your music.

"If you want to be great, the key thing to have is something identifiable that you do better than everyone else. It’s really important in writing, singing, production – anything, on any level. I want to know who you are, and what you're bringing that differentiates you & makes you special. Otherwise, you’re just another face in the crowd."

Creative solutions for a changing music business

  • career direction & strategy
  • preproduction
  • song selection & refinement
  • developing your style & sound
  • casting (producers, musicians, studios, engineers)
  • studio/vocal performance issues
  • troubleshooting & editing
  • project consulting
  • professionals, students, hobbyists

Jimmy Bralower has been a secret weapon for labels, artists, producers and songwriters for over 30 years. As a producer, musician, arranger and mixer, he has worked hands-on behind the scenes to help steer major projects in all genres to success. Throughout his career he's worn the hats of teacher, coach, mentor & spiritual advisor and has been a guest lecturer/speaker at the Berklee College of Music, The Hartt School and the NYU Steinhardt Graduate School of Songwriting.

He has been called upon at every phase of the recording process… from preproduction to final mix and every step in between, to troubleshoot records for some of the most iconic talent of our time as well as developing successful start-up projects.

He’s responsible for cracking the code on records by iconic artists as diverse as Eric Clapton, Celine Dion, Peter Gabriel, Brian Wilson, Cyndi Lauper and Jimmy Cliff to the gold and platinum debut singles of Donna Lewis, Jennifer Paige & M2M & one of his recent projects, with singer Ryan Shaw, has been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards.

True artist development may be a lost art these days, but not here. From musical direction, song selection through the final mix, the right choices must be made to deliver the best results possible. From pre-recording decisions to hi-tech post-recording troubleshooting, we’ve got the skills and experience to come up with the right answers.

"I started out as a musician. Then I became an arranger, producer, writer mixer and remixer. And I’ve been fortunate to have had success doing all of it. I’ve run the gamut. I've been VP of A&R at Atlantic Records. I've worked on both sides of the glass in the studio and been on both sides of the desk in the office. I’ve seen it from every angle." 

Years of working in high pressure creative situations have taught me how to see the big picture and simultaneously deal with details without losing perspective. I've got a really good instinct at cutting to the chase, dialing into specific goals and helping to create a realistic roadmap to achieve them.


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"Great working with you. Lots of insight. You are a wealth of information. Look forward to talking in the future."