Creative solutions for a changing music business

  • artist direction & strategy
  • preproduction
  • song selection & refinement
  • casting (producers, musicians, studios, engineers)
  • studio performance issues
  • troubleshooting & editing

Jimmy Bralower has been a secret weapon for labels, artists, producers and songwriters for over 30 years. As a producer, musician, arranger and mixer, he has worked hands-on behind the scenes to help steer major projects in all genres to success. He has been called upon at every phase of the recording process… from preproduction to final mix and every step in between, to troubleshoot records for some of the most successful talent of our time. 

Having been Vice President of A&R and Staff Producer for Atlantic Records, with a college background in marketing; Bralower is uniquely qualified from both sides of the desk to help find creative solutions for your projects. 

He’s responsible for cracking the code on records by iconic artists as diverse as Eric Clapton, Celine Dion, Peter Gabriel, Brian Wilson, Cyndi Lauper and Jimmy Cliff to the gold and platinum debut singles of Donna Lewis, Jennifer Paige & M2M.

True artist development may be a lost art these days, but not here. From musical direction, song selection through the final mix, the right choices must be made to deliver the best record possible for you & your artist. Many projects require savvy and experience in navigating the recording process for real results.

Most recently, Bralower signed, developed and produced new artist Ryan Shaw, who has now been nominated for 3 GRAMMY Awards from their collaboration.

Jimmy Bralower is now offering his vast front line experience on a project by project and/or consultant basis. 

From pre-recording decisions to hi-tech post-recording troubleshooting, we’ve got the skills and experience to help you deliver that hit record

Artists/ Songwriters/ Musicians  No matter how easy it appears on TV, being successful in the music industry takes hard work , time and dedication. But without clarity of purpose, the hardest working person can be running in place and going nowhere fast. Identifying goals, strengths & weaknesses is the first step in crystallizing a plan to move forward, no matter what stage of your career or the recording process you are in..
Song Critiques  As VP of A&R at Atlantic Records, I sifted through thousands of song and artist demos. I'll present honest feedback on your music & offer suggestions, when appropriate.