It's easy for anybody to make a home recording today.  But once you’ve finished, the thing that doesn’t come with the laptop is a good mix. The most difficult part for many people is to get their track to "sound like a record". Loudness, compression & finalizer plugins on their own don't quite cut it. Experience, good ears and the ability to turn a concept into reality are key elements in delivering the best version of your music. Producing, engineering and mixing tracks over many years allowed me to learn how to make that happen. Tracks I've mixed have received multiple Grammy nominations.  I'll work with you to deliver first class mixes to compete in a crowded marketplace. Pro Tools, Logic Pro X & Ableton. Mastering also available. 



"When I bring an album or song to Jimmy Bralower, I know I am going to get back a mix of the highest quality. His ability to get the very best out of the music that has been recorded only comes with great knowledge and experience." - Jason Miles / Producer

"it definitely has the attitude it was missing. I'm hearing it all. The separation is awesome. Great clarity." - AS

"Wow does it sound great!!! You're a magician JB. It sounds so open and more detailed and even warmer. I'm a very happy customer, thanks!" - RS